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21 Interesting And Amazing Facts About Scrafty From Pokemon

Scrafty is a dual type Dark and Fighting Pokemon introduced in Generation V. It evolves from Scraggy starting at level 39. Take a look below for 21 interesting and amazing facts about Scrafty.

1. Scrafty is a bipedal, lizard like Pokemon.

2. It has oval, wide-set eyes with small pupils and gray eyelids, as well as small nostrils and a wide mouth with bared teeth, giving it the appearance of a permanent sneer.

3. It sports a red crest on its head, similar in appearance to a mohawk.

4. Baggy yellow skin hangs off its shoulders, falling halfway down its back.

5. Scrafty’s body is orange, with thin arms and a gray, scaled belly.

6. Its lower body and tail are covered by loose yellow skin resembling baggy trousers.

7. On its tail is a single red scale.

8. Scrafty is powerful enough to kick through concrete blocks, and can also spit acidic liquid from its mouth, which it does to taunt opponents.

9. It can protect itself while attacking by pulling up or folding the loose skin around its waist.

10. Scrafty lives in groups with other members of its species.

11. Groups determine hierarchy by crest size, with the Scrafty having the largest crest becoming the leader.

12. A group will attack anything that comes within its territory.

13. Though often coming off as rude, it takes good care of its loved ones and its turf.

14. Scrafty appears to be based on a lizard. With its red spike mohawk, molted skin “pants” and “hoodie”, Scrafty also seem to encapsulate stereotypes of various urban youth subcultures of the past several decades, namely hip hop and punk.

15. Scrafty is a combination of scrappy (to be fond of fighting or competing) or scraggy (thin or scrawny) and crafty (being skilled at deceit to achieve one’s goals) or scruffy.

16. Scrafty debuted in Meowth’s Scrafty Tactics!. It was kicked out of its den by a wild Mandibuzz, who herself had been forced to relocate. Scrafty begged a wild Beartic, Scolipede, and Darmanitan to help it win back its territory, but none of them helped it. As a result, it resorted to kidnapping Iris’s Axew and holding it ransom. Meowth and Ash’s Scraggy negotiated with and distracted Scrafty whilst Ash, Pikachu, and Snivy rescued Axew. Later, Scrafty confronted Mandibuzz, only to be defeated. However, Scraggy, using the High Jump Kick it had learned from Scrafty, defeated Mandibuzz and won Scrafty’s den back.

17. A Scrafty appeared in a fantasy in The Clubsplosion Begins!.

18. A Scrafty appeared in a fantasy in Ash and N: A Clash of Ideals!.

19. A Scrafty appeared in A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle!.

20. A Scrafty appeared in Awakening the Sleeping Giant!.

21. A Scrafty appeared in A Battle by Any Other Name!.

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