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21 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Meganium From Pokemon

Meganium is a Grass type Pokemon introduced in Generation II. It evolves from Bayleef starting at level 32. It is the final form of Chikorita. Take a look below for 21 fun and fascinating facts about Meganium.

1. Meganium is a quadruped, pale green Pokemon that resembles a sauropod dinosaur.

2. It has a long neck, yellow eyes, a short, blunt snout, and two stamen-like antennae on top of its snout.

3. The antennae are shorter on a female than on a male.

4. Encircling its neck are large, pink flower petals with a yellow central pattern and white edges.

5. It has three claws on each foot and a stubby tail.

6. Meganium’s petals release an aroma that calms aggressive feelings and its breath has the power to revive dead grass and plants. 

7. Its soothing, regenerative powers can even affect those who stand nearby.

8. Meganium tends to be very docile and has been portrayed as a peacemaker in the anime. 

9. Meganium can rarely be found living in grasslands.

10. Meganium has the appearance of a sauropod, particularly an Apatosaurus, and its flower may be based on a geranium, hibiscus, or a titan arum.

11. It may also be designed after the Hippeastrum. In addition, it may be partially based on Aachenosaurus, a prehistoric plant.

12. Meganium is a combination of mega and geranium.

13. Meganium debuted when Casey’s Bayleef was revealed to have evolved into it sometime before Here’s Lookin’ at You, Elekid!. It shares its Trainer’s fighting spirit and love of baseball.

14. Ash’s Bulbasaur had a heated battle with Vincent’s Meganium in Tie One On!, which resulted in a tie. Vincent also earlier used his Meganium to help save Raikou in The Legend of Thunder!.

15. A Meganium appeared in Gulpin it Down, under the ownership of a Officer Jenny. It was used in addition to her Parasect and Tangela during an effort to stop the massive army of Gulpin that was rioting around the town.

16. A Meganium appeared in Beg, Burrow and Steal, under the ownership of Elisa. She used it to stop a Donphan from chasing Hal and to help stop Team Rocket from stealing the Vibrava.

17. A Meganium appeared in Odd Pokémon Out, under the ownership of the Nurse Joy of Camomile Island. It became the object of affection for both Ash’s Grovyle and a wild Tropius, though it only reciprocated the Tropius’s feelings.

18. A Trainer’s Meganium appeared in A Claim to Flame!, where it battled in a qualifying match for the Silver Conference.

19. A Coordinator’s Meganium appeared in Dressed for Jess Success!, where it participated in the Battle Stage of the Lilypad Contest. It went up against a Tyrogue and ultimately lost.

20. A Meganium appeared in the opening sequence of Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

21. Tsubaki owns a Meganium, which first appeared in JBA4. It evolved from his Bayleef. Meganium reappeared in a flashback in JBA5.

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