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21 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Bronzor From Pokemon

Bronzor is a dual type Steel and Psychic Pokemon introduced in Generation Iv. It evolves into Bronzong starting at level 33. Take a look below for 21 awesome and interesting facts about Bronzor.

1. Bronzor is a flat, circular, blue green Pokemon.

2. Six dark blue spheres bulge from its rim.

3. It has two round, yellow eyes and a large nose-like sphere surrounded by four small circles in its center.

4. A crest resembling an herb or branch is on its back.

5. This crest is said to possess a mysterious power.

6. It was first seen in ancient tombs; objects resembling this Pokémon have been found in tombs as well.

7. Scientists believe Bronzor used to be reflective, and have tried x-raying its body.

8. The x-rays revealed nothing of its structure, however.

9. If Bronzor is turned upside-down, it will look exactly the same from the front, meaning its front has rotational symmetry. It also has horizontal and vertical reflective symmetry. However, its back sprite only has vertical reflective symmetry.

10. There is an unused sprite within Pokémon Diamond and Pearl for Bronzor’s back sprite which is just a duplicate of its front sprite.

11. In the games, all three Commanders of Team Galactic that can be battled have a Bronzor.

12. As both of this Pokémon’s Abilities are used at the same time in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness and it wasn’t weak to Ghost and Dark-type moves at the time, Bronzor doesn’t have any weaknesses in those games.

13. Bronzor has the lowest base Attack of all Steel-type Pokémon.

14. Bronzor is based on a dōkyō, or bronze mirror.

15. Bronzor is a combination of bronze and mirror.

16. Bronzor made its main series debut in Journey to the Unown!, under the ownership of Saturn. Saturn used Bronzor to help light the way through the Solaceon Ruins. It appeared again in Losing Its Lustrous and Double Team Turnover!. In the same episode, it was revealed that a Bronzor was also owned by Mars. Both, however, were easily defeated by Cynthia’s Garchomp.

17. A Bronzor appeared in Dealing With Defensive Types!, under the ownership of Byron. It was used during his Gym battle against Ash. It battled Chimchar and was defeated despite having the Ability Heatproof.

18. A Bronzor appeared in Zoroark: Master of Illusions, under the ownership of Karl. It was often used to provide light for dark places. It was later used to levitate Zorua, who had transformed into Celebi as part of a scheme to distract Grings Kodai from the real Celebi.

19. Bronzor debuted in The Rise of Darkrai, where it was briefly seen battling a Gible.

20. Bronzor appears in The Rise of Darkrai manga adaptation.

21. Bronzor appears in Honey for Combee, as one of Mars’s Pokémon. She used it to attack the manager of the Valley Windworks and hold him hostage. When he managed to use his Drifloon to call for help, she tried to have her Zubat bite him in the neck. After growing bored as she always does, she had it use Sandstorm and left with an electricity-generating wind turbine.

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