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21 Awesome And Fascinating Facts About Bastiodon From Pokemon

Bastiodon is a dual type Rock and Steel Fossil Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves from Shieldon starting at level 30, after it is revived from an Armor Fossil.

1. Bastiodon appears to be a cross between a Zuniceratops and a bulldozer.

2. Its dark gray, square head resembles a castle wall, complete with four cream yellow, window-like spots with a black outline, three dark gray spikes on the top, and two larger gray spikes in the upper corners.

3. Bastiodon’s triangular nose extends from the middle of its shield-like head down over its lips and appears to be pierced by a gray, horizontal spike.

4. Four spikes jut downward and four large, blunt tusks protrude upward from its dark gray lower jaw. 

5. Bastiodon’s cream yellow eyes are partially obscured by the nasal spike and spaced-out tusks. 

6. Its thick, cream yellow body is further protected by a gray ridge and dark gray plates on its back, jagged growths on its legs, and a plated tail.

7. It is from roughly 100 million years ago.

8. Despite its rough, intimidating appearance, Bastiodon is actually a docile, caring Pokémon that feeds on grass and Berries.

9. Its steel-hard, shield-like face is capable of repelling any attack.

10. When multiple Bastiodon line up, their faces form a wall that nothing can break through; this was how they protected their young.

11. In stark contrast to its impenetrable frontal defense, it is vulnerable from behind.

12. It seems to have lived in the same habitats as Rampardos, as evidenced by their fossils often being found together.

13. The wall of the castle in Courtyard Colosseum resembles a Bastiodon’s head.

14. Bastiodon has the highest base Defense and Special Defense stats, and also the highest single base stat of all Fossil Pokémon.

15. Bastiodon can be seen as a counterpart to Rampardos. Both are Fossil Pokémon with extreme base stats; Bastiodon has one of the highest Defense stats out of all non-Legendary Pokémon but has low offenses, while Rampardos has Attack comparable to Legendaries but poor defenses.

16. Bastiodon is based on a ceratopsian dinosaur. Its protective growth resembles a castle wall. Its head resembles that of Chasmosaurus. The spike through its nose is reminiscent of the nose bones from various indigenous tribes.

17. Bastiodon is a combination of bastion or the Bastille and don (from δόντι dónti, Greek for tooth; a suffix in various dinosaur names).

18. Bastiodon debuted in Ancient Family Matters!, under the ownership of Byron. It was used to battle Roark’s Rampardos, but the battle was interrupted by Team Rocket before an outcome could be determined. Bastiodon reappeared in Dealing With Defensive Types!, where it was used in a Gym battle against Ash. It battled Chimchar and managed to defeat it, but it then lost to Gliscor. Bastiodon briefly reappeared again alongside Byron during the ending credits of Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

19. Bastiodon made a minor appearance in Phantom Thief Pokémon 7 under the ownership of Mako. The reporter used the large Shield Pokémon to block the titular thief’s progress, but didn’t actually battle him.

20. Diamond’s Shieldon, nicknamed “Don,” evolved into a Bastiodon fighting several opponents at the Galactic Veilstone Building in High-tailing It from Haunter. Already a sturdy Pokémon prior to evolving, this solidified his strong defenses even more.

21. Like in the games, Bastiodon appears alongside Byron. He used it during his training sessions with Hareta in Challenge! The Fortress Of Steel!!.

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