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20 Fascinating And Fun Facts About The Star Sign Aquarius

It’s always really fun and fascinating to think about star signs and horoscopes. You’re considered an Aquarius if you were born between the dates of January 19th and February 19th.  Therefore, you’re a water-carrier – a water sign – and as with other zodiac signs, you’re thought to benefit from a number of unique traits and qualities. Take a look below for 20 fascinating and fun facts about the star sign Aquarius.

1. Aquarians are thought to be major over-thinkers. They will apply a lot of thought and care to big decisions, but on many occasions, they will find themselves digging themselves a few mental tunnels to navigate back out of.

2. What’s more, an Aquarian is likely to have a propensity to fall into a foul mood. This often occurs when they experience failure or are unable to achieve something as they expect it.

3. Famous Aquarians include the actors Matt Dillon and Bridget Fonda, football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, basketball legend Michael Jordan, and TV icon Oprah Winfrey.

4. Aquarians are thought to have great memories – this means that whether you build up a good or bad experience with them, they will be sure to carry it with them.

5. An Aquarian will take their time making important decisions, thinking deeply, and applying reason, logic, and emotion. It’s probably best not to rush them, either!

6. Aquarius has plenty of lucky numbers, with 4, 8, 17 and 26 being just a handful. Time to put the Lotto on!

7. Aquarians are curious and have a strong core of justice. What’s more, you will likely find them to be very creative, and very affectionate.

8. However, they can go wildly off-brief at times – and it’s thought to be difficult to control an Aquarian and keep them on-track. This can lead to them taking longer than many other star signs to complete projects or meet deadlines.

9. Aquarius is compatible with a variety of signs – in particular, Libras, Aries and Geminis will complement Aquarian personalities perfectly.

10. However, if you are an Aquarian, watch out for troubles with an addictive personality. Aquarius people can struggle to break free from manias and obsessions, mainly because they get very deeply involved with anything they are passionate or positive about.

11. It’s thought that the Aquarius sign is one of the most complex in the zodiac. That’s because Aquarians can vary in terms of energy. Some are high-octane and eccentric, while others are very reserved and shy. However, it is the deep thinking aspect of Aquarius which applies across the board.

12. Aquarians will feel the need to look deeply into facts and suggestions before they accept them as gospel. Therefore, if an Aquarian makes an important decision, you can be sure that they have taken the time to consider all the ins and outs.

13. An Aquarian is likely to be very sarcastic. Therefore, it can take some time for others to get used to their senses of humour. In fact, some Aquarians can find themselves being naturally funny without ever realising it.

14. Aquarians may have more trouble sleeping than others – their minds never really switch off!

15. It’s probably best not to anger an Aquarius – they are known for their fiery explosions if provoked. Therefore, it’s likely a good idea to feed their creative side and their innovations.

16. Aquarians will likely be attracted to water colors, such as teal.

17. The worst possible match for an Aquarian is likely to be Leo – a proud, determined sign. Aquarians may struggle to compete or to relax with a Leo around!

18. Aquarians love social occasions, on the whole, and simply talking at length about deep topics is enough to pique their interests.

19. However, it’s likely that an Aquarian will dislike the everyday norm – they love excitement and creativity, and generally hate having to deal with loneliness.

20. Aquarians are often some of the hardest people to read, on the whole – which is another reason why a Leo pairing may not work well. They can close their emotions off in the name of creative bluster.

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