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20 Fascinating And Fun Facts About Accelgor From Pokemon

Accelgor is a Bug-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It evolves from Shelmet when traded for a Karrablast, which evolves into Escavalier simultaneously. Neither evolves if at least one holds an Everstone during the trade. Take a look below for 20 fascinating and fun facts about Accelgor.

1. Accelgor has a large pink head reminiscent of a helmet that is curled in the back.

2. Green stripes run from its eyes to the top of its head, and there is a black star-like marking or hole on the front.

3. Its eyes are hidden in a shadowed crevice in its head.

4. The rest of its body is covered by a blue, cloth-like membrane, which keeps Accelgor from dehydrating, with ribbon-like extensions at the top of its back.

5. Its arms, when crossed, portray an aggressive mood.

6. It is a very fast Pokémon; it can attack using ways similar to ninjas, including with its current signature move Water Shuriken.

7. It lives in moist habitats like bogs and swamps. Accelgor is often featured as a main character in movies or comics to increase the popularity of these products.

8. Accelgor appears to be based on an auto racer or a ninja, combined with a slug or snail.

9. Its cloth-like “clothing” and Bug type suggest it may also be based on the bagworm pupa.

10. Accelgor may be a combination of accelerate and escargot (French for snail).

11. Accelgor debuted in The Mighty Accelguard to the Rescue!, under the ownership of Charles. Charles used Accelgor during Cryogonal Man’s attempt to rob Cold Storage, during which Accelgor showed off its abilities. It was able to defeat Cryogonal Man’s powerful Vanillish in a battle.

12. Bianca’s Shelmet evolved into an Accelgor in Evolution Exchange Excitement!, after being traded with Professor Juniper for her Karrablast.

13. An Accelgor appeared in a fantasy in Crisis at Chargestone Cave!.

14. Shulin has an Accelgor, which debuted in Master Class Choices!. It was seen participating in the Fleurrh City Pokémon Showcase. Shulin used Accelgor alongside Escavalier, where they had to round up the most Rhyhorn. They were able to do so and make it into the Freestyle Performance. Accelgor reappeared in Master Class Is in Session!, where it was used in the Gloire Master Class Showcase.

15. An Accelgor appeared in A Very Important Thing, under the ownership of the younger of two brothers.

16. An Accelgor appeared in Special Delivery as one of the Pokémon competing in Nimbasa’s Pokémon Musical.

17. Alder has an Accelgor, which was first seen being used to battle Marshal at the Battle Subway in Unraveling Mysteries.

18. A Trainer’s Accelgor appeared in Into the Quarterfinals!.

19. Whitley’s Accelgor debuted in PS543, where it evolved from her Shelmet after being traded for Blake’s Karrablast.

20. An Accelgor appears as the Burst form of Karuta. His father also has an Accelgor, which he can use as his Burst form.

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