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20 Amazing And Fascinating Facts About Lake Forest Park, Washington, United States

Lake Forest Park is a suburban city in King County, Washington, United, located northeast of Seattle. It was developed in the 20th century as a bedroom community with single-family housing on medium to large-sized lots. Take a look below for 20 amazing and fascinating facts about Lake Forest Park, Washington, United States.

1. Less than 4% of the city’s land is zoned commercial, largely concentrated in one location, and there are no industrial areas.

2. The city is situated at the northwest end of Lake Washington along State Route 522, which provides connections to Seattle and Bothell. Lake Forest Park includes several parks and nature reserves, access to the Burke–Gilman Trail, and organized summer events.

3. The population of the city was 12,598 at the 2010 census.

4. Lake Forest Park was founded in 1912 by Ole Hanson as one of the Seattle area’s first planned communities.

5. Envisioned as a picturesque retreat for professionals, the developers planned roads and lots in strict consideration for natural landmarks.

6. Until 1914 and completion of the Red Brick Road (now Bothell Way, part of State Route 522) to nearby Kenmore and Bothell, it also marked the literal end of improved roads heading north from Seattle, with the best access to points further north and east being by boat across Lake Washington or the Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway.

7. Lake Forest Park officially incorporated on June 20, 1961, in large part to help maintain its specific identity.

8. The town remained small – under 5,000 in population – until the 1990s, when a series of annexations expanded city borders significantly and more than doubled the official population.

9. The 3/4 acre Lyon Creek Park was created in the late 1990s on land purchased by the city in 1998.

10. For the prior fifty years, the lot had belonged to Marcia and Robert Morris, who had built a modernist home and a horse stable on the property. Both buildings were torn down as part of the park conversion, which also included replanting the park with 5,000 native shrubs and plants.

11. The replanting portion of the project involved the labor of hundreds of citizen volunteers.

12. Lake Forest Park Town Center, the city’s commercial core, was built in 1964 and hugs Bothell Way, not far from the lakeshore.

13. In late 2005, city government began holding public meetings to discuss the future of the town center.

14. The decision was made to renovate Lake Forest Park Town Center and it now spans 18 acres and offers many shopping and dining options along with entertainment.

15. Lake Forest Park Town Center is also home to a branch of the King County Library System, Third Place Books, and Third Place Commons community center.

16. Lake Forest Park is situated at the north end of Lake Washington. The city’s southern boundary begins at the city limit of Seattle. To the north, Lake Forest Park ends at the Snohomish county line, where the adjacent towns of Mountlake Terrace and Brier border it.

17. To the east, the city is bounded by Lake Washington and at 55th Avenue NE where the city of Kenmore begins; the Burke-Gilman Trail runs in parallel to the lake shore, following the shoreline into Kenmore to the north, and Seattle to the south. The city’s western boundary is at the City of Shoreline’s city limit, mostly following 25th Avenue NE.

18. The City of Lake Forest Park uses strategic partnerships with neighboring cities to provide shared services, including recreational opportunities. A partnership with City of Shoreline’s Recreation Department offers residents discounted access to their programs.

19. The Lake Forest Park Municipal Court was established in 1961 and processes approximately 10,000 filings annually. The presiding judge is appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the city council for a four-year term.

20. The Shoreline/Lake Forest Park Youth Court (SLFPYC) operated under the supervision of the Shoreline District Court and the Lake Forest Park Municipal Court. Lake Forest Park operates its own municipal police agency.

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