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19 Fun And Awesome Facts About The Star Sign Sagittarius

Were you born in November or December? You’re a Sagittarius, according to the modern zodiac. This means that anyone born between the 23rd November and 21st December will identify as this sign, traditionally depicted as a centaur. Take a look below for 19 fun and awesome facts about the star sign Sagittarius.

1. A Sagittarius is likely to tell you exactly where they stand with you. They are amazingly confident! They are cultured and creative, and don’t mind telling you their thoughts.

2. However, a Sagittarius is also likely to come across as fairly frank from time to time. Some people may find this frankness a little stark or even insensitive.

3. Some people falsely think that Sagittarius people are all boastful. However, they are simply proud of their achievements as well as their friends and family. A Sagittarius is a great ally to have around, on the whole.

4. A Sagittarius is likely to love the idea of travelling the world and is very much in tune with nature.

5. One thing which might let Sagittarius down is consistency. One of the few negative traits Sagittarius people are said to possess is an inability to stay on-message. This might not apply to everyone, of course!

6. There are many, many famous Sagittarians. They include actor Brad Pitt, author Mark Twain, composer Ludwig van Beethoven, singer Britney Spears, and martial arts legend Bruce Lee. If you can see a pattern – these are all famous people driven to succeed!

7. A Sagittarius is likely to be most competitive with Leos, though they will also get on well with Aries.

8. Sagittarius people tend to be the life of the party. They can often have unique, slightly eccentric senses of humour, and many people find their extroverted natures to be magnetic.

9. However, a Sagittarius is also likely to spend money as soon as they receive it! They enjoy shopping and aren’t particularly bothered by threats of budgeting. It’s safe to say that a Sagittarius is going to find book-keeping pretty dull.

10. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, and its stone is topaz.

11. Sagittarius also has a handful of lucky numbers to look out for, too. A Sagittarius will likely find the numbers 3 and 8 pretty magnetic. Pick them for your Lotto tickets!

12. Many people will enjoy keeping Sagittarius around for the optimism. Sagittarius people tend to err on the side of positivity and are very likely to see the bright side of life more often than most.

13. However, a Sagittarius is also likely to be fairly introspective, which means that they focus a lot on improving themselves. While they might not show it, a Sagittarius is also likely to be very self-critical. They love praise and can be extremely proud of what they do – but deep down, they are just as anxious as the rest of us!

14. Sagittarius is also said to be very intuitive, much in the same way as Leo. It’s never a good idea to try and lie to a Sagittarius, as they will often have a pretty innate way of telling whether or not you are hiding something from them.

15. Sagittarius people are not drawn to gossiping. If anything, a Sagittarius has no time for interpersonal dramas, preferring to explore the more positive and tangible things life has to offer them.

16. Sagittarius people value their time greatly. That’s why they often tend to spend it really enjoying themselves. If there was a phrase that a Sagittarian would stick by, it would be ‘life is for living’.

17. The opposite sign to Sagittarius is Gemini. Be careful for clashes with people born in May and June!

18. Sagittarians love to give and receive presents. Buy them outdoorsy things or pet-related gifts!

19. A Sagittarius person is unlikely to respond well to clinginess. While they love close relationships, they need space – and hate dependency. Stand well back if a Sagittarius gives you a signal!

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