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19 Fun And Amazing Facts About Cursola From Pokemon

Cursola is a Ghost-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII. It evolves from Galarian Corsola starting at level 38. Take a look below for 19 fun and amazing facts about Cursola.

1. The lower body of Cursola resembles that of Galarian Corsola, albeit broken apart to reveal an ectoplasmic “body” which has taken the shape of a ghost.

2. This ectoplasm surrounds Cursola’s core, which is a white sphere with a face like that of Galarian Corsola, and has an oval-shaped opening with three inward-facing notches where the core is.

3. Two half-circle openings similar to eyes are located above Cursola’s core. 

4. Together, the three openings resemble a screaming face with a sad or pained expression.

5. Two small branches below the core serve as its arms and one small branch on its forehead serves a horn.

6. It has three long branches each on both sides of the head.

7. It has three more branch spikes on its lower back.

8. All of its branches can split apart when it attacks.

9. This ectoplasm was a result of a long and continuous process absorbing spirit energy from other creatures.

10. The energy now pours out of its shell due to it overflowing.

11. The ectoplasm causes anyone who touches it to rapidly stiffen.

12. Cursola can be seen wobbling while wandering, possibly because it enjoys being so light-weight.

13. Cursola are known to gather together under a full moon, and send their branches into the sky.

14. This is possibly a ritual of release, shedding the energy they’ve gathered from others.

15. Some theorize that this spectacle of shooting branches is a form of communication between the Cursola.

16. Whatever the truth behind this behavior is, this event is regarded as a wonderful sight to behold.

17. Cursola appears to be based on bleached coral, a phenomenon in which coral expels the algae that gives it color, primarily because of rising water temperatures as a result of climate change.

18. It may also borrow shapes from skeletons.

19. Cursola may be a combination of curse, Corsola, and sole (a piece of coral) or solar.

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