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19 Amazing And Fun Facts About Barbaracle From Pokemon

Barbaracle is a dual-type Rock/Water Pokémon introduced in Generation VI. It evolves from Binacle starting at level 39. Take a look below for 19 amazing and fun facts about Barbaracle.

1. Barbaracle is a bipedal Pokemon with a body that consists of two gray rocks connected by an orange, segmented waist.

2. It has four orange arms connected to the upper rock. 

3. Its head is brown and resembles a left fist; there are four clawed fingers on top and a clawed thumb on its right cheek.

4. Its face is orange with two eyes but no other distinguishable features.

5. Each arm has a brown hand with a single eye in the center of the palm, four long claws, and a brown band around the middle.

6. Its legs are also orange, but have two brown bands and brown feet with four claws and a four-pointed star on the soles.

7. Through evolution, two Binacle have multiplied into seven.

8. Each limb thinks for itself and moves independently, though they usually follow the head’s orders.

9. Like Binacle, Barbaracle resembles a goose barnacle.

10. Barbaracle seems to be based on the goose barnacle, due to their general shape and use of a connective “stalk” to cling to rocks.

11. Considering one “main” Barbaracle survives together with others, it may possibly reference to the rarer, same species symbiosis, in particular conjunctive symbiosis due to their fusion into a single body.

12. Considering its hand-like limbs and bodies, and its eyes within its many hands’ “palms”, it may have also been based on the hamsa.

13. Its limbs having minds of their own may be a reference to alien hand syndrome.

14. Barbaracle may be a combination of barbaric and barnacle.

15. Barbaracle made its main series debut in A Stealthy Challenge!, under the ownership of Saizo.

16. Saizo used it to battle Ash’s Froakie and Sanpei’s Greninja in order to stop Sanpei from reaching its goal.

17. This same Barbaracle was seen in a flashback in The Legend of the Ninja Hero!.

18. It physically reappeared with its Trainer in A Festival of Decisions!, where it defeated Heidayu’s Bisharp.

19. Barbaracle debuted in Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction.

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