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14 Amazing And Awesome Facts About The Star Sign Libra

If you’ve been following our fact files and guides recently, you will have seen that we have started looking at the finer points of zodiac signs and horoscopes! If you were born between the dates of September 23rd and October 22nd, you are technically a Libra in the eyes of the modern zodiac. Take a look below for 14 amazing and awesome facts about the star sign Libra.

1. Libras tend to care a lot. If you know a Libra, you may well recognize that they get deeply invested in the things that interest them, as well as the people they love. This is not always a bad thing, but they are said to be able to fall too deeply sometimes!

2. Libras thrive on balance. Funnily enough, that’s in line with their symbol, the scales.

3. Libras are very emotional. In fact, they tend to be excellent at reading emotions in other people. They are extremely tactful and will likely pick up on hidden cues and clues that others might miss.

4. A Libra is likely to be a great ally to have if you want someone on side who will help to keep things straightforward and pleasant. If there’s one thing that Libra hates, it’s not getting to the point, and sticking there. They hate to labour the point and hate people that do even more so.

5. On the negative side of things, Libras are thought to have manipulative tendencies! Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone – and as with all zodiac interpretations, it’s worth keeping these points in mind with a pinch of salt. However, a Libra might well annoy others in the sense that they can be a couple of moves ahead at any given moment.

6. Libras can be great at spotting if someone is likely to manipulate them or might have malicious ideas. Therefore, it’s unlikely they will let any dubious characters slip through their nets!

7. Libras tend to care a lot about their appearance, but not in a way that makes them vain. They tend to care a lot about style and fashion, which also indicates that they like to feel confident in their outward appearance.

8. It’s thought that Libras tend to gel well with Scorpios, who are the next zodiac signs along in the birth calendar.

9. Libras are, however, also likely to struggle with making a decision that’s right for them. They want to keep things simple and straightforward, however, that doesn’t mean they find it easy to keep to this path. In fact, a Libra that’s made a firm decision is likely to be one which is fairly confident!

10. A Libra will likely reach out to others to help solve problems and to share opinions and ideas. However, they will normally want to make decisions – and the final points – on their own steam.

11. A Libra is very unlikely to welcome you into their headspace – they often like to keep what they are thinking to themselves. This might go hand in hand with their fantastic emotional psychic abilities!

12. Libras love working hard, and like nothing more than a personal project or two that they can really get stuck into. A Libra wants to use their time well, and if this means exploring their talents and passions, so be it!

13. Libras are peacekeepers. They might not hate conflict per se, but they tend to be excellent mediators. This means that they will likely step forward and carry the can in an argument. They feel most at ease when dynamics are happy and harmonious, and therefore, it’s unlikely a fight or argument with a Libra will ever last too long!

14. Libras aren’t always that easy to influence. They tend to be quite headstrong and will therefore know what they want and what they don’t want ahead of time. Be careful approaching a Libra with new ideas if you’re concerned you’ll get rebuffed.

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