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13 Amazing And Fun Facts About Justimon (Blitz Arm) From Digimon

Justimon (Blitz Arm) is an Android Digimon. Take a look below for 13 amazing and fun facts about Justimon (Blitz Arm) from Digimon.

1. It is a “Hero of Justice”-type Digimon wearing a flapping red muffler.

2. Its sense of justice burns hot, and as it is a Digimon that never overlooks unjust acts or evil deeds, it is an existence which Rookie Digimon aspire to. 

3. It comes along like the wind, swings down its hammer of Justice, and leaves like the wind. 

4. Also, it seems to like taking a decisive pose atop a cliff while facing the setting sun.

5. By switching out the three plugs on its right shoulder, which are equipped to the “Extend Transmitter” on its back, it can make its arm transform into the power-type “Big Wave Arm” (Accel Arm), the blitz-type “Thunder Arm” (Blitz Arm), or the cutter-type “Cyclonic Arm” (Critical Arm).

6. Raijinmon is equipped with two copies of the Thunder Arm.

7. Its design carries elements of the Kamen Rider character Riderman.

8. Justimon digivolves from SuperStarmon. It also appears when a Digivolve Disk is used on a Machine Digimon. Its attack is Triadic Arm.

9. Justimon is #246, and is a Mega-level, Speed-class, Machine-species Digimon with a resistance to the Fire and Holy elements and a weakness to the Thunder and Dark elements. It possesses the Confusion Barrier, Paralysis Barrier, Assassin’s Arm, and Challenger traits, and has the special skill Dig.

10. Justimon is a Light Vaccine Type, Mega level Digimon and uses 18 memory. It digivolves from Garudamon, Cyberdramon, and SuperStarmon. Its special attack is Justice Kick and its support skill is Justice Union, which increases the probability of combos occurring and continuing by 10%.

11. Justimon is a SuperHero that In-Training Digimon that Koromon idolise, however this eventually turns into fear when Koromon finds out that Justimon had started bullying smaller Digimon. The Hero finds Justimon in Control Island bullying a Guardromon and Hagurumon and the Hero attacks and defeats Justimon to defend the two Digimon. After being defeated, Justimon runs away yelling that it will get revenge and the two Digimon comment that Justimon talked weird and was weaker than usual. Justimon sends a DigiMail to the Hero, demanding they come see it, and when the Hero does, they find that Justimon has no clue what DigiMail they are talking about. Putting the facts together, Justimon realises that a Hyogamon had disguised itself as Justimon and had been doing evil things to give Justimon a bad name, and wanted the Hero to beat up Justimon as a result of this. Realising that Hyogamon did indeed fake the entire thing due to the fact it used Ice attacks, got Justimon’s name wrong, and posed incorrectly, the Hero trusts the real Justimon. Admitting it had faked the entire thing, Hyogamon attacks the duo, though Justimon easily defeats Hyogamon. Justimon then joins the City, and joins the research district and will boost the Hero’s partner Digimon’s friendship and bond, in exchange for one hour of time.

12. Justimon is a Weapon Vaccine type, Mega level Digimon. It digivolves from Garudamon, MachGaogamon, Mamemon, and Gigadramon, and can DNA Digivolve to Omegamon Zwart D with Jijimon. If attempted before defeating the Enforcer, this will instead result in a DNA Digivolution of Omnimon Zwart. Mega level Digimon can’t poop but if Piedmon’s experiment maxes the poop gauge, it will digivolve into PlatinumSukamon or Sukamon.

13. Justimon digivolves from Cyberdramon.

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