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12 Incredible And Awesome Facts About The Star Sign Capricorn

Born in December or January? Then it’s likely you are a Capricorn. But what does this mean? Capricorn is one of many modern star signs which people group into. Many people love reading their horoscopes to see where things take them – and it’s thought that people who are born Capricorns are likely to carry personal traits and behaviors about them. The same applies to other star signs in the calendar, too! Take a look below for 12 incredible and awesome facts about the star sign Capricorn.

1. Capricorns are born between the dates of December 21st and January 19th and are represented by the goat – just as many other star signs are represented by animals or spiritual figures, too.

2. Capricorns are said to make fantastic friends. They are thought to be very sympathetic and will often provide people with a source of strength and reliability. This is often thanks to the fact that a Capricorn is said to be fiercely independent, unlikely to rely on others, and more likely to stand on their own two feet than most.

3. Capricorns make great listeners. Rather than butt in or try to control conversations or dialogues, they will happily sit back and take everything in – if things are interesting to them. Oftentimes, they won’t join in at all if things don’t pique their interest enough.

4. Capricorns can be hard to read, as it says that they can shift moods quickly, and are likely to give you the cold shoulder if you upset them. However, they greatly value loyalty, and will choose their friends and allies very carefully. They are less fair-weather than many other star signs, and value deep connections.

5. Despite the fact that it can be hard to understand a Capricorn at times, they tend to be some of the easiest people to get along with – which also ties into their great ability to show sympathy. Capricorns can generally be very inspiring, particularly as they are so independent and follow their own paths so fiercely.

6. A Capricorn is always likely to be a workaholic. They will strive to achieve greatness even at the expense of their own health. This is why they often need friends or partners who can help to slow them down and meter such behaviours. Otherwise, they may not know when it is naturally healthy to put the brakes on.

7. Some Capricorns may be shy or withdrawn. They can also have fairly negative streaks to them, and some people may assume they are intentionally pessimistic. Of course, this may not run common for all Capricorns!

8. A Capricorn is unlikely to run low on ambition. They are often very sincere, and while they are driven to push themselves to succeed, they are never likely to step on people to get to where they are going – many people find Capricorns to be extremely responsible.

9. Some of the biggest icons and historic figures were Capricorns – such as Elvis Presley, Sir Isaac Newton, and Marilyn Monroe.

10. Capricorn is said to be one of the nicest signs in the zodiac despite their occasionally negative thought processes – however, if you dare wrong them, you’re likely going to be in for a tricky ride ahead. They are never easy to walk all over and will let you know if you are overstepping boundaries. It’s best not to try and take advantage!

11. Capricorns tend to be fairly cautious, which means that the decisions they make in life, love and career tend to be very well thought-out. Their decisions are cast-iron, too – they want to avoid any kind of disappointment and will therefore take their time.

12. Capricorns should, ideally, avoid pairing up with Sagittarians for their laid-back natures. Gemini, too, conflicts commonly with the star sign, meaning a love match is unlikely to work well.

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