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12 Amazing And Fun Facts About Tide Head, New Brunswick, Canada

Tide Head (2016 pop. 938) is a Canadian village in Restigouche County, New Brunswick. Take a look below for 12 amazing and fun facts about Tide Head, New Brunswick, Canada.

1. Located on the south bank of the Restigouche River 10 km west of Campbellton, the village is situated where the tides on the Restigouche River cease to become visible, the reason for its name.

2. The first settlers of the area were Scottish.

3. Early area farms were owned by Moffats, Gerrards, Duncans, Adams, Duffs, Barclays, Christophers, and Ayletts.

4. Most of these early settlers, such as James Aylett, a British subject in the 20th regiment of his Majesty’s Army; Thomas Barclay, a Scotsman; and Robert Adams are buried in the Athol House Cemetery near Frasers Mill.

5. Graves in the cemetery date from as early as 1791.

6. The Athol House Cemetery is the oldest British Cemetery in Restigouche County.

7. The railway that passes through Tide Head was started in 1875 and the first train went west in 1878.

8. The train passes through a tunnel in the hillside of Morrisey Rock, the only active tunnel on the railway system in the Maritimes.

9. Tide Head was incorporated into a village in 1966.

10. The first Mayor of the incorporated village was Jim Adams.

11. The current Mayor of Tide Head is Randy Hunter.

12. Tide Head bills itself as the Fiddlehead Capital of the World and is predominantly English.

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