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10 Interesting And Awesome Facts About Coredramon (Blue) From Digimon

Coredramon (Blue) is a Dragon Digimon. Take a look below for 10 interesting and awesome facts about Coredramon (Blue) from Digimon.

1. It is the digivolved form of the Dracomon who assimilates plenty of “Blue Diamante”, a rare gem mined from mountainous regions with very high altitudes.

2. For them to live on steep mountains, they have grown wings and can fly at a high speed.

3. Digimon having “-dramon” in their names must contain dragon-gene data (dragon DNA) in their DigiCores.

4. The higher the ratio of dragon DNA, the more the body shapes like a dragon type.

5. Having a dragon DNA ratio of 100%, Coredramon is a pure-blooded Dragon Digimon.

6. Coredramon (Blue) is a larger, more powerful version of Dracomon, colored blue like the name indicates.

7. Its body is much more developed compared to Dracomon, lengthening its limbs, wings, and horns in comparison.

8. Ogremon sits atop a Coredramon and watches as Tai Kamiya, Agumon, Sora Takenouchi, and Biyomon travel to the rainbow mountain.

9. Coredramon (Blue) is #096 and is a Vaccine Wind Type, Champion level Digimon and uses 8 memory. It digivolves from Dracomon and Monodramon and can digivolve to Wingdramon, AeroVeedramon, and BlueMeramon. Its special attack is Blue Flare Breath and its support skill is Gekirin which has a 5% chance to increase Attack and lower Defence by 50% upon taking damage.

10. Coredramon (Blue) digivolves from Dracomon and can digivolve to Wingdramon.

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