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10 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Drimogemon From Digimon

Drimogemon is an Animal Digimon. Take a look below for 10 awesome and interesting facts about Drimogemon from Digimon.

1. It moves underground at high speeds with the gigantic drill attached to its snout.

2. It is an extremely rare Digimon to come across because it is always digging deep underground.

3. Although it has a meek, shy personality, it is fairly mischievous, and sometimes it takes the favorite bones that Garurumon and BlackGarurumon have buried underground and hides them in different locations.

4. If it were to have been discovered later than NiseDrimogemon, it could have ended up being called “Nise”.

5. Drimogemon is a mole with a drill-like nose and a drawn mustache on its muzzle.

6. The DigiDestined encountered a Drimogemon outside of a convenience store in an undersea cave, where the Tags should be hidden. It was the last victim of the Black Gear and would not let anyone pass as part of Devimon’s will. Ikkakumon battled Drimogemon until Kabuterimon destroyed the Black Gear and Drimogemon told them that the Tags that they were looking for were in the convenience store which T.K. and Poyomon found during the fight.

7. A Drimogemon under the control of the Digimon Emperor’s Dark Rings captured Davis and Veemon while Snimon and Mojyamon battled the others. In the 2nd battle the same day, he was freed from the Dark Ring by Digmon’s “Gold Rush”.

8. When Digimon started to appear in the Real World, a Drimogemon was in the hillside near a Japanese town and was sent back to the Digital World by Imperialdramon Dragon Mode.

9. A Drimogemon was among the many Digimon that appeared during the final battle against MaloMyotismon.

10. Drimogemon DigiFuses to SkullBaluchimon with IceDevimon and DarkTyrannomon, and to Puppetmon with Cherrymon, Vademon, and Vegiemon.

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