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10 Awesome And Amazing Facts About Crabmon From Digimon

Crabmon is a Crustacean Digimon. Take a look below for 10 awesome and amazing facts about Crambon from Digimon.

1. It stuck the metal data dissolved in the Net Ocean to its body, rapidly enhancing its combat ability.

2. It attacks with the gigantic blade on its left foreleg and the grip of its strong right foreleg and defends with the spine-covered shell that covers itself, inflicting damage to attacking opponents, so it’s a confident person with substantial self-confidence in battle.

3. Its weak point is the soft spot on its belly, but because it’s also aware of that, it never shows that chink in its armor.

4. It likes to entrap its opponents, and has a rascally personality.

5. Crabmon have been witnessed trimming the coral extending from Sangomon’s head.

6. Crabmon is essentially a blue-gray crab with red highlights, referencing the common colors of crabs. 

7. Its left cheliped is larger than its right and the chela itself has a scissor-like blade on the cutting edge.

8. Crabmon are recruitable enemy Digimon who appears in Etemon’s Palace, Temple of Darkness: Right and Left, and Vamdemon’s Mansion, Shrine of Evil: Right, and Piemon’s Palace.

9. A Crabmon is having a conversation with a Betamon near the waterfall in the Dragon Land and get shocked by Nene who appears and diguise as a dragon Digimon.

10. A brown Crabmon appears on the beach of the Toucamon’s island paradise and pinched J.P.

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