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10 Amazing And Awesome Facts About New Maryland, New Brunswick, Canada

New Maryland is a suburban bedroom village of Fredericton in central New Brunswick, Canada; located directly south of Fredericton, south of Route 2 and Route 101. Take a look below for 10 amazing and awesome facts about New Maryland, Canada.

1. As of 2016, the population was 4,174, which means it is large enough to become a “town”.

2. New Maryland is one of the wealthiest communities in New Brunswick as it has a median household income of over $110,000, the highest of any municipality in the province.

3. The name “New Maryland” has been used to describe a farming community and parish for over 100 years, but in the 1970s and 1980s, several large suburban subdivisions were constructed in the area.

4. New Maryland was officially incorporated as a village in 1991.

5. Today the village is home to many businesses including a pub, pizza shop, pharmacy, post office, hairdressers, a vehicle repair shop, and two gas stations along with several more small businesses.

6. New Maryland is also home to an elementary school and multiple daycares which serve the village and its outlying areas.

7. Virtually all of the residents now commute to Fredericton.

8. The village gets its name from settlers who traveled to the area from the state of Maryland in 1817.

9. New Maryland is the site of the last fatal gun duel in New Brunswick which occurred between George Frederick Street and George Ludlow Wetmore in 1821.

10. This proclamation appears on the sign for New Maryland on the adjacent TransCanada Highway, Route 2.

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