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10 Amazing And Awesome Facts About FanBeemon From Digimon

FanBeemon is an Insectoid Digimon and a carrier of the X Antibody. Take a look below for 10 amazing and awesome facts about FanBeemon from Digimon.

1. It belongs to the mysterious “aerial, covert honey base, Royal Base”.

2. Although its daily life differs from that of other Insectoid Digimon, it is a strong, dedicated worker due to its personality being so cheerful.

3. It always gets along with Plant Digimon like Palmon or Lillymon.

4. Because the base is usually under construction, it has the duty of carrying home data left on fields of flowers or vegetation, little by little, to use as raw materials, causing it to be classified as a Virus-species.

5. Also, because the base is defended by powerful Digimon, making it impossible to approach, the goal of that construction is a mystery at present.

6. It’s wisest to just run away when it uses its “88 Call”.

7. A group of FanBeemon work for Waspmon and attack Tsurugi Tatsuno, Agumon, Yu Inui, and Gaomon. Most of them are destroyed, but one survives and reports to Barbamon of Waspmon’s destruction.

8. Fanbeemon is a Rookie Digimon that digivolves from Puroromon at LV 11. It may digivolve to Waspmon at LV 21. It is a virus type with the stat build of Str(2), Dex(3), Con(1), Int(2).

9. FanBeemon is a Plant Virus Type, Rookie level Digimon and uses 4 memory. It digivolves from Tanemon and can digivolve to Guardromon (Gold), Raptordramon, Stingmon, Waspmon, and Togemon. Its special attack is Gear Stinger and its support skill is Royal Commando which gives all attacks a 10% chance to paralyse.

10. When Veemon tries to get an apple from a tree, it attacks the tree in an attempt to have it fall and land on the ground. Instead however, a sleeping FanBeemon is knocked out of the tree and attacks Veemon. After Veemon defeats FanBeemon it explains what had happened and the two become friends. FanBeemon then gets the apple for Veemon and then back to sleep in the tree.Template:StorylinkA Fiery Search for Blazing Ingredients

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