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30 Weird And Interesting Facts About Thursday

Whether we refer to old rhymes or modern lyrics Thursdays have always been an inspiration! Inspired and in a singing mood we’ve prepared these interesting facts about Thursdays that’ll probably motivate you to find your own Thursday’s tune. Take a look below for 30 weird and interesting facts about Thursday. 1. In Old English, Thursday…

12 Fun And Wonderful Facts About Wednesday

For those of you out there who don’t have the classic five day work week, you might have a different perspective. I remember Wednesday as one of my favourite days of the week when I worked in hospitality, they were the most quiet and peaceful days. So opinions do vary, and its origins must be…

30 Fun And Interesting Facts About Mondays

Put on your smart suit, it’s time to go to work! It’s Monday! I don’t know whether you’re a Monday person or not but let’s start with a bit of reversed psychology: not everyone hates Mondays! For every optimist out there Monday is a day for a brand new start. It’s a chance to start…