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30 Fun And Interesting Facts About Pigs

While almost every farm has them, not many people know a lot about pigs. Below we compiled 30 fun and interesting facts about pigs that will get you up to date on everything that you should know about them. 1. Pigs constantly communicate with one another. 2. Newborn piglets recognize their own names and even…

25 Fascinating Facts About Cows

Cows are some of the most fascinating animals around. While at first glance they might seem like simple farm animals, there is much more to them than people know. Below you can find 25 of the most fascinating facts that we found about cows. 1. A cow’s heart beats between 60 and 70 beats per…

35 Interesting And Bizarre Facts About Horses

Horses are the original man’s best friend since anywhere from 4000 to 2000 B.C. We’ve used them to travel to faraway places and to wage war on the battlefields. Yet, even though we’ve been around them for so long, there is many things we don’t know about them. Below, you can find 35 of the…