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27 Fun And Awesome Facts About Inteleon From Pokemon

Inteleon is a Water-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII. It evolves from Drizzile starting at level 35. It is the final form of Sobble. Inteleon has a Gigantamax form that will appear in The Isle of Armor. Take a look below for 27 fun and awesome facts about Inteleon.

1. Inteleon is a bipedal, reptilian Pokemon that resembles a chameleon.

2. Its head, slender arms, and tail are light blue in coloration, with the tail having a thin dark blue streak following the ridge of the tail.

3. The tail contains a sharp knife hidden within.

4. This dark blue coloration is also seen at the tip of his head crest and on its slender torso, which continues down the backside of its legs until the bottom of the feet. 

5. The front side of its legs and feet are black, ending in three pointed toes.

6. Its hands are also black and have five fingers.

7. Its eyes have yellow irises and white pupils with a black lower lid and a yellow upper lid, and the yellow portion creates a semi circular pattern on its face.

8. It has black nicitating membranes that extend over its eyes when using Snipe Shot.

9. This yellow skin is also seen on its crest, which is connected from the top of its head to the back of its neck before falling over its back in a cape-like fashion.

10. This crest is thin and wavy, similar to a fin. It has a white diamond-shaped patch of skin on its stomach.

11. Inteleon has many hidden capabilities.

12. It has a long, extendable yellow membrane on its back that allows it to glide in the air and darkly-colored nictitating membranes that allow it to analyze for an opponent’s weak point.

13. This help it precisely shoot water from its finger tips at Mach 3.

14. It also has a sharp knife hidden in its tail. Inteleon is highly intelligent, carefully thinking out strategies before entering combat to ensure a swift and decisive victory.

15. It is also known to be quite chivalrous, and is completely loyal to trainers it sees as worthy.

16. As Gigantamax Inteleon, it has become larger with a noticeable change. Its tail has extended to 130 feet while stretching out to resemble a pillar. It also has dark purple frills circling around the tail.

17. The rest of the tail coils around to resemble a platform for Inteleon to take a battle position on. It also gains a small blue harpoon which attaches to one of its index fingers.

18. The white sclerae in its eyes change to dark red. Three red clouds circle around the tail a short distance below the coiled tail platform.

19. As a result of Gigantamaxing, its many hidden body tools have been enhanced.

20. With its sharp mind, this extremely skilled sniper can figure out how to use the gravity for a precise trajectory shot.

21. This allows Gigantamax Inteleon to hit even a berry that is nine miles away.

22. Its nictitating membranes can now detect temperature, air pressure, and humidity.

23. Inteleon is the only known Pokémon capable of using the move Snipe Shot and exclusive G-Max Move G-Max Hydrosnipe.

24. Inteleon’s name and previous evolved forms indicate it is partly based on chameleons, likely the veiled chameleon due to the crest and color scheme similar to that of the males, and possibly basilisk lizards as well. However, Inteleon’s appearance seems to be heavily influenced by flying lizards. Its tail becomes less curly and the head crest now features a membrane spanning the back and sides, that is used to glide.

25. Furthermore, Inteleon follows the motif of British intelligence with the hands being often posed like a gun, spouting water out of the fingertips, while the coloring of the skin in the belly forms a pattern resembling a blue jacket and black trousers on a white shirt.

26. Inteleon’s Gigantamax form seems to draw inspiration from a sniper aiming from a rooftop.

27. Inteleon and Intereon may be a combination of intelligence and chameleon.

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