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25 Strange And Interesting Facts About The Human Body

How often do you actually think about your own body?  We’re meant to look after ourselves better than we probably do.  How well do you know your own body?  Take a look below for 25 strange and interesting facts about the human body.

1. 25% of your bones are likely to be found in your feet.

2. Your mouth is a hive for bacteria – so much so that there’s more bacteria in there than there are people alive on Earth right now!

3. You can make around seven normal-sized bars of soap out of the fat from your body. And that’s not meant as an insult!

4. Human bodies are faintly bioluminescent – which means we literally glow! However, our eyes aren’t powerful to see this!

5. Wisdom teeth are completely useless.

6. We are the only animals on the planet with chins.

7. Your stomach replaces its lining once a week, otherwise, it would digest itself!

8. Some people fear their own bellybuttons! The fear of omphalophobia means there’s no chance of navel-gazing! Others fear body odour – they suffer from bromidrophobia.

9. There’s a chance your brain could survive without air, if only for around ten minutes.

10. Skin is an organ! It also replaces itself in full every month. You just never notice it!

11. Your skeleton replaces itself, too – in fact, it does so every ten years. You’re not the same person you are in your 30s that you were in your 20s – literally!

12. There’s no scientific consensus out there to explain what fingerprints are actually for, nor what good yawning actually does for the body.

13. When stretched out, your intestine is likely to be around 23 feet in length.

14. You’re likely to shrink at night, and you may even grow taller if you go to space!

15. Only one organ has the power to completely regenerate itself – your liver! However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look after it.

16. Pregnancy can cause your brain to shrink.

17. Your stomach’s acid is extremely corrosive. It can dissolve metal instantly, not that you should eat it!

18. You’re more likely to blink slower as a baby than you are as an adult.

19. Time to feel uncomfortable – some people have the unnerving ability to hear their eyeballs roll around, and to be consistently aware of their own heartbeats.

20. If you’re a photographer, you’ll likely measure quality in megapixels. Your eyes are thought to be around 576 megapixels – at least there’s an upper target!

21. Your hair is likely to grow around six inches per year.

22. Sperm is likely to die at room temperature, which is why testicles dangle.

23. You’re likely to breathe around 20,000 times each day, though you probably shouldn’t count them!

24. Your brain is a massive calculation machine, but it only uses around the same amount of power as a 10W light bulb!

25. It’s likely you will have drunk around 12,000 gallons of water by the time you reach 70.

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