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21 Interesting And Amazing Facts About Unfezant From Pokemon

Unfezant is a Normal and Flying Pokemon introduced in Generation V. It evolves from Tranquill starting at level 32. It is the final form of Pidove. Take a look below for 21 interesting and amazing facts about Unfezant.

1. Unfezant is a Pokemon resembling a gamebird.

2. It is primarily dark gray with lighter gray markings.

3. The light gray markings consist of a heart-shaped patch covering its face and throat, two patches divided by a lacy line on its wings, and intricate stripes with dark rimming on its tail feather.

4. Its beak and eyes are yellow, and it has light gray legs with three clawed toes and a spur on the ankle.

5. Unfezant are known to be immensely proud and intelligent.

6. Unfezant prefers to not feel close to anyone other than its Trainer.

7. The male Unfezant has a reddish pink wattle around its eyes.

8. Long, ribbon-like growths from the wattle extend over its head and down past its shoulders.

9. By swinging its head, the male threatens its opponents.

10. The male also has a mint green underside with speckling towards the chest.

11. The males are faster than the females in terms of speed.

12. In contrast, the female lacks a wattle and has brown markings on its underside. 

13. It is also more adept at flying than the male. However the female takes a longer time to adjust people.

14. The female Unfezant are known very capable fliers due to their stamina.

15. Unfezant appears to be based on a gamebird, such as a green pheasant, turkey, or tragopan.

16. It is also similar in appearance to the greater roadrunner.

17. Unfezant’s gender differences reflect sexual dimorphism in real-life birds in that males have large wattles and are more colorful than the females.

18. Unfezant may be a combination of the corruptions of unpleasant, unfazed, and pheasant.

19. Ash’s Tranquill, which he caught as a Pidove, evolved into an Unfezant in An Amazing Aerial Battle! during a Gym battle against Skyla and her Swanna. This also marked the main series debut of Unfezant’s female form.

20. A male Unfezant made its main series debut in Cilan Takes Flight!, under the ownership of Skyla. He was used in a battle against Cilan and lost to Crustle. He was then used during Ash’s Gym battle with Skyla in An Amazing Aerial Battle!, during which he briefly battled Tranquill before falling to Pikachu.

21. A male Unfezant appeared in Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted!, under the ownership of Alain. He was used in the final round of the Lumiose Conference against Ash and tied in a battle against Talonflame.

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