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11 Fascinating And Awesome Facts About Dinobeemon From Digimon

Dinobeemon is a Mutant Digimon. Take a look below for 11 fascinating and awesome facts about Dinobeemon from Digimon.

1. It DNA digivolved from Stingmon and ExVeemon.

2. A chimera of a dragon and an insect, it possesses the name “Terrible Bee”.

3. It is hard to classify its species as either a Dragon type or an Insect type, but its Insect nature is more pronounced. It flies through the sky with its four wings, and accurately perceives the opponent with the compound eyes on its head, so it can reliably choke the life out of its opponent.

4. Also, it possesses a considerably ferocious personality.

5. DinoBeemon looks like an inverted version of Paildramon with its insectoid features more prominent than a dragon’s.

6. Its body is predominantly Stingmon’s armor with a spiked collar with wings, with Stingmon’s face forming its head.

7. Behind its face protrude ExVeemon’s horns and has red hair.

8. It has both ExVeemon and Stingmon’s arms to form four limbs on its armor, Stingmon’s arms being shorter.

9. Below its insectoid wings are ExVeemon’s wings and tail.

10. Dinobeemon DigiFuses from Stingmon, ExVeemon, and Veemon, and can DigiFuse to GranKuwagamon with Okuwamon, to Imperialdramon Dragon Mode with Paildramon and Flamedramon, and to TigerVespamon with Karatenmon and Flymon.

11. Dinobeemon DNA digivolves from Stingmon and XV-mon and can DNA digivolve to Imperialdramon Dragon Mode with Paildramon.

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