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10 Crazy And Awesome Facts About Gigadramon From Digimon

Gigadramon is an Android Digimon. Take a look below for 10 crazy and awesome facts about Gigadramon from Digimon.

1. It is a dark dragon Digimon that was developed at the same time as Megadramon.

2. As a combat dragon that was armed to the teeth by further remodeling, its existence is the epitome of a fiendish computer virus.

3. Its arms are equipped with the “Giga Hands”.

4. Gigadramon is a purple dragon with purple hair and yellow eyes.

5. It has robotic wings and two arms, and wears a black helmet and black gauntlets on its arms.

6. Megadramon and Gigadramon were a part of Machinedramon’s minions that served as his air troops and that, under his command, leveled his artificial domain in order to expose the DigiDestined. Gigadramon’s final fate is unknown.

7. When Ophanimon told the Legendary Warriors about Cherubimon invading Seraphimon’s castle, a Gigadramon was seen as part of his beast army.

8. A Gigadramon was with Neo Saiba during the invasion on Lord MagnaAngemon’s castle where it was destroyed by one of the two Knightmon.

9. Gigadramon digivolves from Deltamon and Devidramon. Gigadramon is among the group of Ultimate level Digimon who can not digivolve. Gigadramon can be found in the wild partnered up with SkullGreymon and DarkTyrannomon. Its attack, “Giga Byte Wing”, hits one target and prevents the target from recovering their status for one turn.

10. Gigadramon digivolves from Growlmon, GeoGreymon, and Tankmon and can digivolve to GroundLocomon, Machinedramon, and MetalSeadramon.

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